H I ,   I ' M   T O M

I guess you are here...


...because you wonder what do projects have to do with YOU? Everything!

A new startup or business, the new service center, the doubling of your conversion rate or losing weight,
all these are projects!

Now that I've got Your Attention, it's time to talk about The Problem...

Projects sound big and complicated like the 600 pages of the PMI Project Management manual.
It is not complicated!

Projects can help you realize your plans or build a rollout machine like UBER.

Find out how you can use them!

There are two types of people.

The Doer

If you are a Doer. You can succeed. Maybe not alone but you can get there.
You might need the right push, the right advice but the key is that you will take action.
And I mean real action. You will go and talk to customers, you will set up that landing page.  You will do what needs to be done!

The Non-Doer

Just the opposite. The Non-Doer will always find a reason to procrastinate, to ask more questions, to delay action. 
They are your classical talkers and buzzword swingers. Talk about taking action and they are gone.

In addition, you should be a team player and it helps if you can learn fast. But lets face it: Business and projects are not rocket science and only half as complex as people want to make you believe.

Taking action is key.

Hope you enjoy it

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary." - Vince Lombardi

"Discipline is the art of getting the things done that need to be done even if you don't feel like it." - Steli Elios

- Steli Efti  -  CEO Close.io